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Another Giveaway:

I’m gonna do it a little different than last time.

One “prize”: 

-15th Anniversary Fueled by Ramen book with DVD

-Cobra Starship sunglasses

-Save Rock and Roll vinyl

-Limited Edition Fall Out Boy Halloween t-shirt

The Other “prize”: 

-Take This To Your Grave vinyl (in it’s original packaging)


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I hope one day
somebody loves you
so much

that they see violets
in the bags under your eyes,
sunsets in the downward arch
of your lips,

that they recognize you
as something green,
something fresh and still growing,
even if sometimes
you are growing sideways,

that they do not waste their time
trying to fix you.

I would like to personally strangle whoever decided to put an itchy tag in the back of the bra I’m wearing right now. Victoria’s Secret  can kiss my ass, I shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable just so I can wear a cute bra. →


“In Utero was the first time I’d made an album that reached into the dark side. I remember the conflict, and the uncertainty. I remember all those things when I hear Pennyroyal Tea, after Kurt died, that summer, I went to see Lollapalooza in Detroit. Nobody ever recognised me back then, and I was…

This quote literally keeps me up at night sometimes. The thought of Dave going through all of that, losing Kurt, and all of the pain Kurt was in…will probably haunt me for the rest of my life.